Alone. Empty. Forgotten. Not seen or heard. Not good for much besides physical labor, so I thought.  That was me in a nutshell before coming to the end of myself; pleading with God, meeting with Him, then accepting Him as Lord of my life.  I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life one evening my junior yearContinue reading

I would say “give and take” would be the best way to describe my relationship with God.  I grew up in a Christian home and realized that Jesus had shed His blood to have a relationship with me at a youth camp I attended.  The first “big thing” that He took and then gave wasContinue reading

I was raised in a mainstream denominational home and have always considered myself to be a Christian, believing in the Gospel. We went to church regularly, and recited all of the “right prayers” and all that came along with going to church. But I wasn’t being fed, and eventually turned from my upbringing and enteredContinue reading

Scripture tells us that we all are born in sin and people who are born in sin are headed for hell unless there’s some change in direction. God sent his son Jesus Christ to earth so that we might change our direction. That became personal for me when as a small boy I recognized neededContinue reading

I would say my greatest testimony comes from the sovereignty and the faithfulness of God. What I mean by that is no matter what has happened in life, whether it’s dealing with family issues, a husband going through cancer, secondary infertility, feeling worthless; I can look back and see how in all of those circumstancesContinue reading

I always felt like I was an alien living in a foreign land. I had a falling out with my father because of my willful disobedience. The summer after my senior year, I had no job and no plan. My father asked me to paint the garage. I painted a small portion and left toContinue reading