I was raised in a mainstream denominational home and have always considered myself to be a Christian, believing in the Gospel. We went to church regularly, and recited all of the “right prayers” and all that came along with going to church. But I wasn’t being fed, and eventually turned from my upbringing and entered the world and took part in all of it’s evil ways.

I’ve spent the majority of my life in sin, which resulted in alcoholism, legal problems, financial stress, jail and prison time, alcohol treatment programs, marital infidelities resulting in near divorce, relationship issues with family and friends, loss of employment, loss of self respect, and even blaming God for all of this and more.

In 2008, while separated from my wife and living in a low-end room in a decrepit old hotel, I had had enough. I straightened my room and belongings, made the bed, and knelt at the foot of that bed, crying tears of sorrow and calling out to Jesus to save me. I was fully prepared to take my life if He did not answer me and make me whole again.

But I prayed and cried for nearly an hour there at the foot of the bed. And while I did not hear Jesus’ voice, I did feel His presence and a new sense of peace came over me. I asked for forgiveness for all that I had done and all that I had been. And again, I felt that great sense of peace.

Today, my faith, sobriety, marriage, family, finances, and everything else has been restored. We have found a good church home and family, and are growing more in our walk daily. Jesus has turned our mess into a message, and I want to share it with others. God has saved me, and while our new life is not without challenges, they are much easier to face when Christ Jesus lights my path and gives me strength.


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