I would say my greatest testimony comes from the sovereignty and the faithfulness of God. What I mean by that is no matter what has happened in life, whether it’s dealing with family issues, a husband going through cancer, secondary infertility, feeling worthless; I can look back and see how in all of those circumstances not only has God been there, but He’s been sovereign in those hardships. There’s always been a revealed purpose for me into why I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through. There have been many conversations I have had about my faith in God in those troubled times that have been an open door for witnessing to people. Like “how can you be so strong when your husband faces cancer?” or “how do you find worth in yourself when everything that you’ve dreamed of doesn’t happen?” “How do you do those things?” And being able to say “I don’t know why I’m going through this, but it is well with my soul.” I have a peace. I don’t understand it. God and I might have a conversation about that in eternity. If I have the whole book of the Bible full of people whom God has shown faithfulness to, and we have a whole history of people God has been faithful to, who am I in my little corner of the world to question God’s faithfulness?


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