I always felt like I was an alien living in a foreign land. I had a falling out with my father because of my willful disobedience. The summer after my senior year, I had no job and no plan. My father asked me to paint the garage. I painted a small portion and left to party. The next morning there was a note that said “Bryan, please finish painting the garage.” I never finished even one side. The next morning there was a $20 dollar bill, socks, underwear, pants and a t-shirt sitting on the table. I left and joined the Army. While I was in the Army, one of my best friends from home died in an accident. I could not get permission to go home for the funeral. I was devastated. I attempted to turn to God and read the book of Revelations in the Bible. Several years later I was church shopping with my wife and newborn son. Not because I wanted God but because I thought my child might not turn out as wild as I was if we took him to church. During that time I heard “Give Me Something to Believe In” on MTV. I cried and asked God to show me He was real. Several months later I attended a church and as the sermon started, the pastor stopped for few seconds and said “I’m sorry, I have to go off topic today. I strongly feel God telling me that someone needs to hear from the Book of Revelations today.” Instantly I knew God was real and like the Bible says “the scales fell off my eyes” and could see truth for the first time. 29 years later, after being a faithful youth volunteer, I was hired by the same church as Adult Discipleship Pastor. God is good!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It is a great story and inspiration for me to do the same… thank you for your example!


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